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SinhCafe - Open Tour is one of the most famoust tourist company who save your pocket on traveling in Indochina..

With the good reputation and specialization in the following fields:

Organization of inbound and outbound tours.
Travel Consultation.
Hotel Reservation
Reservation of plane, train ticket
Hiring of cars
Tour guides

We offer various and attractive excursions to every destinations throughout the country and the regional countries with the team professional and dedicated tour guides.
We also organize excursions for both big groups and independent travelers to most of the places of interests in Vietnam

Tour combination
You can explore one of these destinations or combine two or more our opentour excursions in each city to create your own excursion all over Vietnam.

Tourist Experts
Our tourist experts will be very pleased to discuss and advise you so that you will have a perfect excursion for your particular needs.

Thanks to our team of young, dynamic and professional staff as well as an effective organization combined with various partners in Vietnam, we are capable of proposing one of the best quality to you.
Our tariff, thus, are always the one with the most competitive possibility but without never cutting down on quality.

Vietnam, a country with far differences from your premise in such fields as: culture, traditions, population, language, cuisine, and even economy… It is significant for you to choose an agency in which you can have full confidence. We are perfectly aware the importance of learning to know the guests'expectations by listening to our customers, we can guarantee the quality of our today services.

As the creation of Sinhcafe - Open Tour, we are sure that if we want to experience a durable development in time, it was necessary that the quality of our service is irreproachable in order to deserve your confidence.
This will be meet your demands so we open the tours to make your stay the most pleasant possible in Vietnam. Our concern about quality is omnipresent in all our programs.

A trip in Vietnam with SinhCafe - Open Tour will give you, we are sure, the desire for returning.

In return to the guests' trust to our travel agency, we commit to bring the best service to travellers all over the world.

Managing Director

Add : 114 Hang Bac ST., - Hoan Kiem - HaNoi - Vietnam
TEL:(84.4) 3 926 0736 - FAX : (84.4) 3 9260 736

Hotline : + 84 976 087 662 - inside Vietnam : 0976 087 662

Email : sinhcafe114@yahoo.com



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